Expertise is the fundament and source of sustainable value creation that we guarantee for our clients. Thereby we place special emphasis on our strong industry experience. Only those with a deep understanding of the value drivers in an industry can use their technical and methodological competencies precisely, and identify relevant levers and develop groundbreaking recommendations.

MCGM’s value proposition is based on increasingly comprehensive program initiatives which go beyond individual projects. Adjustment processes in markets and competition often require long lasting impulses to be sustainable. This applies to development and implementation of growth strategies, to the implementation of cost reduction initiatives and typical restructuring projects alike. We bundle our expertise in strategic and operational management consultancy in two fields.

In the field of PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT we enhance the competitive positions and cost structures of our clients and develop the basis for further growth and better profitability. The automotive industry is hereby – especially the market-leading OEMs – a key practice area of MCGM. Approaches and concepts that we successfully implement in this global pacemaker industry, can often be pragmatically transferred – taking industry specific conditions into account – to other branches. Thus we provide our clients with new opportunities and horizons.
In the field of CORPORATE TURNDAROUND we deal with the restoration of sustainable profitability of our clients. Distressed companies are always exposed to two special challenges. They must ensure short-term survival (operational restructuring) and simultaneously create the conditions for the recovery of long-term success (strategic restructuring). We achieve this goal either through typical management consultancy or due to participation as CRO (chief restructuring officer) next to the existing management.

mcgm kompetenzen performance improvement

It‘s our goal to increase our clients‘ company value. Nowadays companies need to continuously improve their performance. That is the only way for our clients to cope with the many challenges of a rapidly changing business environment and to achieve a sustainable advantage over their competitors.
mcgm kompetenzen corporate turnaround

Any company can fall into a difficult situation in the course of its development. Increasing competition, shorter product and technology cycles and a volatile economic environment make it more difficult to achieve aspired goals. Challenges need to be identified early and strategic mistakes to be avoided. But for many companies, a complex restructuring is the only way to stay permanently competitive in the business. 


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