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MCGM's clients range from globally active groups to small and medium sized enterprises.



 “The goal-oriented services provided by MCGM led to measurable results.“
Board member of a leading automotive OEM

“Our expectations regarding MCGM and the program were exceeded by the achieved results.”
Spokesperson of a leading service provider

“MCGM developed a tailored approach to realize our planned productivity enhancements and supported us very competent during the implementation.”
Business unit manager Finance & Controlling of a leading automotive supplier

“MCGM quickly and systematically pointed out scopes of potential cost savings. Therefore we were able to negotiate with our suppliers with the maximum preparation. We finally achieved enormous cost savings from our suppliers.”
Business unit manager of an international automotive supplier

“MCGM did a great job with our corporate restructuring. The intense involvement of our employees led to a very high level of acceptance and a fast implementation of the designed solutions.”
Board member of a market leading automotive OEM

“MCGM systematically and structurally solved the allocation problem between development, purchase management and quality management. Based on MCGM’s proposal we determined the optimum across different business units. Following measurable results were identified and cost savings realized.”
Business unit manager of a market leading automotive OEM

“The crucial optimization approach was identified during our restructuring and significant cost savings respectively productivity enhancements were achieved. The proposals and actions to be taken were sustainably implemented.”
Board member of an investment company

“The proposed fields of actions and optimization were highly accepted by the board and other business unit managers. The program became a massive success.”
Business unit manager of a market leading automotive OEM

“Based on the high level of employee involvement, the proposed concepts and actions to be taken were sustainably implemented.”
Executive management of a leading service company


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